Copyrobo offers copyright timestamps using both Blockchain and Qualified Timestamp Authorities. Chose the one that is right for you.

What Is Timestamping

Timestamping is a common technique used to track the time and date of filing and authenticity of a document, video or image. A clerk stamps your document with the date, time (and sometimes adds a signature) to provide proof that you submitted this document at this time. Stamping prevents anyone, including the owner, from changing the document.
Modern electronic timestamping offers the same assurances with greater security and more convenience:
  • A unique digital fingerprint (commonly referred to as hash code or just hash) is calculated from a file. A similar but altered file would result in a different hash and it is virtually impossible for anyone to duplicate hash from the file.
  • The computer generates a timestamp, adds it to the file hash, and then generates another unique hash that is derived from both pieces of data.
  • The computer then generates an encrypted private key that allows only the key holder to access the recording of the timestamp and file.
  • The owner receives the hash and private key (the signed hash) and timestamp information, which when stored with the original document, provides proof that the exact document or image was timestamped. The process is completely confidential because only the derived hash is stored on the computer, not the file. (It is not possible to recreate the file from the hash.)
Most modern timestamping relies on trusted agents for timestamping. These are often government-authorized third-party companies entrusted with running computer systems that process and record timestamps. Some are even qualified by the European Union or governments as meeting the highest security standards.

Qualified Timestamp

Qualified Timestamp authorities provide copyright holders with timestamps that offer stronger protection, greater deterrence, and better opportunities to win substantive court judgments against infringers.
The European Union offers the most comprehensive set of requirements governing qualified electronic timestamps under eIDAS, which is EU Regulation No. 910/2014. (For details, see Section 6, Articles 41 and 42.) Published on 23 July 2014, eIDAS became binding on all EU member states on I July 2016.

eIDAS prohibits courts from denying the legal admissibility of timestamps as evidence solely because the timestamp was made electronically or because the timestamp does not meet the more stringent requirements of an EU qualified timestamp. European courts cannot deny your timestamp evidence solely because it was made electronically.
Timestamps issued by qualified EU authorities, such as Germany’s Exceet and Estonia’s SK (SK ID Solutions AS), offer additional advantages. Courts are required to accept the validity of four attributes of qualified timestamps: date, time, content, and the certificate of the timestamping authority. Moreover, a qualified electronic timestamp issued in one member state is recognized as a qualified electronic timestamp in all member states.
Evidence produced by qualified timestamp authorities have higher probative value because these companies must do the following to meet eIDAS qualifications:
  • Bind the date and time to the data in the timestamp in a way that precludes the possibility of the data being changed undetectably.
  • Base the timestamp on an accurate and approved time source.
  • Sign (individual) or seal (corporate) the timestamp using advanced technologies described elsewhere in eIDAS.
The United States (and most of the rest of the world) has yet to unify or fully embrace advanced electronic timestamping authority, although electronic timestamps are considered acceptable evidence in most jurisdictions.

Copyrobo offers eIDAS qualified electronic timestamps through Exceet Secure Solutions from Düsseldorf, Germany and SK (SK ID Solutions AS) from Tallinn, Estonia. Electronic timestamps issued by Exceet and SK meet eIDAS requirements and are accepted as highly probative evidence in all European member states.

A few countries also promote electronic timestamping through their own laws and regulations (some of which may be equivalent to eIDAS) and some may be accepted in other countries on a reciprocal basis. Copyrobo offers electronic timestamping options for France, Spain, Slovakia and Turkey: Copyrobo provides you a wide range of choices to meet your needs. Laws governing the probative value of copyright evidence are complex. Please consult laws, regulations, third-party websites, and especially advisors for legal advice about your specific copyright protection needs.

Blockchain Timestamp

Blockchain offers the latest iteration of timestamping technology. Rather than relying on a trusted third-party agent for timestamping, Blockchain utilizes a decentralized tamper-proof virtual ledger on a distributed peer-to-peer network to record and verify timestamps. Authorities around the world are increasingly accepting the superiority of transactions recorded on Blockchain ledgers.

Blockchain digitally records the ownership of assets by creating a unique cryptographic signature that is timestamped and linked to a “chain” of prior blocks. Each record or “block” relies on the cryptography of the previous block to ensure the integrity of the entire chain. No block can be changed without breaking the integrity of the entire chain. Thus, the chain provides a complete, verifiable and auditable history of a sequence of transactions. No third-party is necessary to verify a transaction.

Copyrobo’s blockchain timestamping merges the hash codes derived from your files and Ownership Signature with the unique hash code derived from Bitcoin and/or Ethereum transactions, thereby providing incontrovertible proof of your timestamped data.


There may be occasions when you will need to verify your copyright timestamp, especially should someone contest your copyright. Each verification costs one credit.

Blockchain timestamps can be verified on the web and mobile applications. Select “Verification” after logging into your account. Add your timestamp Zip file and hash file, then click on “Verify Now”. In additional, Copyrobo offers a downloadable Desktop Verifier software tool to verify timestamps issued by Exceet, SK, Disig and Tractis. Prepare three pieces of information for the Desktop Verifier:
  • the name of the timestamp company
  • the timestamp Zip file
  • and the hash file
The name of your file and the timestamp company is included in each file name.

Once you enter these data, select “Verify Now” to confirm that your timestamp is valid. Your information will be validated against the ledger maintained under Blockchain or the Qualified Timestamp Authority. This video shows you how the process works. You will be charged one credit for each verification.

Verification with Universign and KamuSM can only be conducted on these companies’ websites. Visit Universign or Kamu SM for more information.

Free download versions of the Desktop Verifier are available for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. All require the Java SE Runtime Environment.

Required Java SE Runtime Environment
Installation step-by-step guides:

Please following step by step to install Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier for Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10:

1. Download Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier and save to your computer (e.g. C:\TEMP\)

2. Locate to C:\TEMP and double-click to the file copyrobo.exe to run.

3. If your Windows has UAC (User Account Control) enabled, a popup dialog will be shown like this:

Click on More Info

4. Another popup dialog will be shown:
Click on Run anyway

5. Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier has been started succesfully!

Required Java SE Runtime Environment
Installation step-by-step guides:

Please following step by step to install Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier for macOS 10.x or later:

1. Download Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier and save to your computer (e.g. Finder > Downloads)

2. Locate to Finder > Downloads folder and double-click the file copyrobo.dmg to start installing.

3. A new window with copyrobo icon and Applications icon will be shown. Please drag copyrobo icon and drop on Application icon:


4. Open Finder > Applications, hold the Control key and click on the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.
Notes: you only need to hold Control and click at the first time you run Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier. From next time, open it as normal application.

5. Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier has been started succesfully!

Required Java SE Runtime Environment
Installation step-by-step guides:

Please following step by step to install Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier for Ubuntu 14.04 or later:

1. Download Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier and save to your computer (e.g. Downloads)

2. Open Terminal and type:

sudo dpkg -i copyrobo.deb
3. Open Dashboard and type Copyrobo for quickly search Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier application's icon.
4. Click on Copyrobo's Desktop Verifier icon to start!

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