Copyrobo - Public Proof

Public Proof

What is it?

It is a timestamped file that can be used as a common proof alongside the Periodic Hash Pool introduced through the Public Link.

The Periodic Hash Pool system constitutes a platform through which anyone can generate public Proofs. This is done by processing a hash value sent by Copyrobo user via applications (Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, and API) at specific periods (for example every 10 minutes) collected in a pool. The period ends with a HashPool.txt which is created and recorded in the documents. With the use of Blockchain or a Qualified authority, the documents are time stamped. The generated evidence which also stands as the public proof is uploaded by an exclusive URL which stands for the individual HashPool.txt documents accessible to everyone online. It appears as follows (Public Link,

1. Hashes posted by you and other users
2. Timestamping Periodic Hash Pool.txt
3. Download the proof you need

How does it works?

1. The Sha256 data received from the Copyrobo application and the Encrypted AES data are combined in the Hashpool, this process takes about ten minutes.

2. At the end of ten minutes, the HashPool.txt certificate (Ex: HashPool14SEP171010.txt) that has been generated is time stamped in accordance with the options specified and supported by Copyrobo (please note that this is only available for Blockchain and Qualified timestamps).

3. The general public can access the evidence (public proof) that is established through the time stamping process via a unique URL (the public link) which has been generated by the Copyrobo Domain (Ex: address.

4. The public links that have g=been generated are displayed as a list on the “Periodic Hash Pool” via the Copyrobo membership page. Users will be able to search for the SHA256 datasets for their documents and the related public links which can be downloaded to view the evidence they need.