Copyright Service



Copyrobo’s innovative CopyrightKey links your copyrighted file (text, image, music, etc.) to a webpage that shows the details about your timestamp protections, thus sharing proof of your copyright evidence with the world. This gives you and your company the freedom to produce and share creative original work, even when sharing via social media, websites, email, or public performance.

The CopyrightKey also helps companies protect their brand and reputation by making it easier, cheaper, and safer to publicly share marketing and sales materials without fear of theft. Companies can also affix the CopyrightKey to sensitive documents in conjunction with non-disclosure agreements and other contracts for added security.

Ownership Signature

Copyrobo’s Ownership Signature binds your account name with your work, thereby clarifying copyright ownership issues. Under the Pro Plan, teams and companies can clarify ownership of creative material as it is produced using customizable Ownership Signatures. For instance, your Ownership Signature can reflect ownership splits between team members, an individual and her company, or even work performed by employees and outsource companies. However you split ownership rights will be reflected in your Ownership Signature, which is included in your timestamp evidence. Copyrobo enables individuals and companies to establish and memorialize ownership rights upfront to avoid disputes later on.

Public Signature

The Public Signature provides individuals and companies additional protections and advantages. Perhaps you want to license your work or publish your work to attract new clients. The Public Signature, which you can include in your CopyrightKey Notice, tells the world how to contact you. You can even use the Public Signature to advertise your licensing fees and services. The signature is customizable to meet your needs. And if you do not want to be contacted just turn it off in the Activity Manager. The choice is yours.

Verification Tool

In rare cases, a company or individual may challenge your copyright timestamp. Or you may have to prove to a court that the timestamp is valid and belongs to you. Copyrobo provides you tools to verify the date, time, and content of every copyright service. You will receive a unique key for each copyright service you complete. Use that key with our tools to prove to other companies or a court that your timestamp is valid.
Copyright Service Process
Before submitting your file:
  • Select the source of your file such as your Computer, Google Drive, or Facebook.
  • Select where to send your file such as Google Drive or Facebook. (By default you will always receive an email confirmation.)
  • Select one or more timestamp authorities.
  • Add ownership information for your Ownership Signature.
  • Add contact information for your optional Public Signature.
After you submit your file:
  • Your file will be converted into a ZIP file.
  • Your Ownership Signature will be added to the ZIP file.
  • Your CopyrightKey will be created.
  • Your ZIP file will timestamped by your designated timestamp authority.
  • Your evidence will be returned to you by email. Your file and transaction evidence will be deleted from our server.
  • Your file will be posted to your target source (if you selected one) with the CopyrightKey and your evidence will be sent by email.
  • Your CopyrightKey will be available for public view at your discretion.
  • Your completed service will be available on the Activity Manager.

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