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Creating Legal Proofs

Electronically timestamp and publish your work from your favorite platforms on your favorite websites.
Blockchain Timestamp
Qualified Timestamp
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Defend with
Electronic Timestamps

Timestamp your work to assert and prove your claim to ownership. Create incontestable proof that binds the date, time and integrity of your work into a secure encrypted file.

Choose Your Timestamp

Choose from timestamp services qualified for the entire European Union and specific member states. Or use the new Blockchain timestamp, the world’s emerging trust authority.
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Deter Infringement
with Proof Link

Share your files (images, music, video or documents) publicly or privately with confidence by affixing the Proof Link to your files. Deter infringement by sharing information about your copyright protection. Notify the public of the time, date and authority of your timestamp; the name of the copyright owner; and how (or if) the owner would like to be contacted. The Proof Link is customizable.
Proof Link:
The World’s First
Copyright Service Featuring
Blockchain and Qualified Timestamps
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