We as Copyrobo has become the first and only Blockchain company managed to produce most legitimate timestamped proofs on Android, iOS and Web applications by combining Blockchain Protocols (BTC, ETH, LTC) and qualified timestamp authorities in a single platform in the world.

Thanks to our strategy making a difference in legitimacy of the proofs as compare to other blockchain company, we have become one of the rare Blockchain company awarded with more than one international prize and started to sell within 2017 via presentations in Vietnam, Dubai, Bahrain, Moscow (Skolkovo Silicon Valley and Russian Parliament), Istanbul, San Francisco and New York.

Our service firstly used for protection of the works subject to copyright and patent rights, have been started to be used by other sectors and institutions thanks to new features (Geolocation, Social ID, Security Signature, Proof.Linkā€¦) and new packages (Enterprise Plan) added.

With our unique nature in the current usage areas and differentiation in features to be added, we decided to continue by using our brand name "Proofstack", rather than Copyrobo named after combination of Copyright and Robot, which reflects our areas of usage including many areas in addition to intellectual and industrial rights and our unique nature in providing most legitimate proofs.

From now on, you may continue to use our services at our website "proofstack.io" reflecting our brand name better. All of our previous users having an account with Copyrobo may access their Copyrobo accounts on Proofstack web or mobile applications by using their usernames and passwords.

Proofstack Team